The Nanaimo Dog Pool is available for fitness, aqua therapy, swim lessons, learn to dock dive and
dock diving practice. By appointment. 


•    You must sign our waiver prior to entering the pool area. (see the bottom of the page)
•    Please do not feed your dog at least 3 hours prior to their pool time
•    One dog on the dock at a time.
•    Only dog on dock may be off leash all other dogs must be leashed at all times.
•    Maintain a 6’ distance between all other dogs.
•    Maintain current BC Health Covid restriction protocols for social distancing and sanitization
•    *Absolutely no Flexi-leads on premises
•    Prong collars/E-collars/Harnesses must be removed before entering the pool area.
•    Only DOGS are permitted in pool unless same day authorization is given to each person.
•    No pushing or shoving dogs into the pool.
•    Human aggressive dogs may be declined service unless you are a self serve, experienced dock practice client and will be evaluated case by case. They will be required to be muzzled when off the dock and on the grounds and be always under your complete control.
•    Notify staff of any equipment damage or problems.
•    Notify staff if your dog pottied on the deck or in the pool so we may sanitize properly.
•    Fines may be implemented for cleaning $50 dock accident $200 pool accident.
•    Take mid swim potty breaks to prevent accidents.
•    Female dogs in heat are exempt from participating at all meets/dock practice/swim sessions.
•    You are responsible for your dog’s waste, please pick up after your dog and use the refuse bins provided.
•    All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult on the dock and wear a lifejacket. (not provided)
•    All children under the age of 18 must have their parents’ consent/waiver signed.
•    Make sure your dog is clean, that their nails are short and rounded
•    If your dog is shedding, please brush thoroughly before swimming
•    If your session is intro to ramp, pool and intro to dock diving, please bring high value FLOATING treats.
•    Bring everything you will need for your dog: towels, floating treats, water toys, water bowl, water and a life jacket if you have one. We can provide a life jacket if you do not own one.
•    Bring everything you will need for yourself and be prepared to get wet if you are actively involved in your dog’s swim session
•    You and your dog may be asked to remain near your vehicle in the parking area while a previous appointment is exiting the premises.
•    Your dog will not be allowed to swim if: they are not weight bearing limping, have had orthopedic surgery or injury within 9 months of session unless you provide a veterinary letter stating your dog can resume regular low impact activity.  
•    Your dog will not be allowed to swim if they have been vomiting, have diarrhea, have a skin condition, have had recent surgery or an open wound

A Reminder…. Dogs must be under your control and on leash while off the dock. (NO retractable leashes permitted) They must be supervised by their guardians at all times!